Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Soaring into Love!

Dear Seekers of Love,
An amazing event two years ago, reminded me of the wonderful gift of life's magical teaching moments.
My fiance and I were in LaJolla, CA after attending a teacher training workshop with Kathryn Alice. I was so anxious to bring him to a very favorite French restaurant. We eagerly walked to the restaurant's location only to find a rug store in its place. Feeling very disappointed at missing this amazing restaurant, my fiance suggested that we dine at the Torrey Hill Golf Course which was not too far away.
Such a great lesson for me in that when one door closes, another one opens. We were soon sitting on a deck overlooking the most beautiful greens, Torrey pines, and off in the distance, the majestic Pacific ocean. I was basking in the presence of my love, the amazing food, and the exquisite scenery. Just when I thought it could not get any better, the distant sky was filled with the most colorful air balloons which were the perfect addition to such a beautiful experience.
As I fixated on the air balloons, I began to think how similar they are to our romantic dreams:
           *Like our romantic dreams, they are personalized and very beautiful.
           *Unless we do the inner work, neither the balloons nor our dreams will ascend. For the balloons they need some form of gas, for our dreams we need to do our inner spiritual work; prayers, affirmations, meditation, etc.
           *In order for the balloons to function properly they must release the weights that are holding them down. We also must release any people, thoughts, attitudes, and opinions, that are holding us back.
           * The balloon must be careful not to have anything puncture the fabric otherwise it will not be able to stay afloat. So must we also be vigilant of anyone or anything that might puncture our dreams. We must be cautious of people and philosophies that might hold us back.
Take some time to visualize your own unique air balloon, the one that holds all of your romantic dreams.
Make the balloon and your dreams as beautiful as you want. Imagine your dreams and yourself in this balloon. Allow the balloon to soar as high as you want. Allow it to go wherever you want. Imagine that the sky is not big enough to hold all of your dreams. Imagine all of these dreams coming true. You are limitless. Allow yourself to soar!
Next workshop:

WHERE - The Holistic Self Care Center
               10 Murphy Dr., Unit B 2
               Nashua, NH 03062
WHEN - May 21st, 2014 from 7:00 to 8:30 PM
Cost $30.00 pre-paid, $35.00 at the door.
CONTACT - 603 - 883 -1490

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dearest Seekers of Love,

I would like to teach a course on how to uncork the sparkling nature
of your soul in order to manifest  the LOVE of your life. Imagine the
limitless flow of LOVE spilling forth from your soul! The sparkling
you.....the unedited you.....the you who you really are!

Imagine that you are the finest champagne ever. No red wine for you!
Remember a time when you may have spilled red wine which left an ugly
stain. This stain is symbolic of past romantic mistakes. After seeing
this stain, you begin to chastise yourself,"Oh no, I did it again!"
Know that those days are over! Say to yourself, "Those days are OVER!
From now on, ONLY THE BEST FOR ME! " Know that if you connect with the
champagne of your soul, there will be no stain! Just sweet, aromatic
splendor! Also, please affirm to yourself, that you are not the
cheapest version of sparkling bubbly! Your baseline is Dom- Perignon,
and you are working your way up!

Imagine your soulmate savoring every sip of who you are tingling with LOVE!

*DISCLAIMER! In no way am I promoting the use of alcoholic beverages!
I am simply referring  to the sweet, effervescent, and sparkling
nature of your soul. If you prefer, you can substitute "sparkling"
cider! My intention is for you to fully realize your romantic
qualities and to not settle for anything less than the BEST! It is
guaranteed that when you realize the beauty and depth of your romantic
soul you will let it spill forward and it will be enjoyed and savored
by your soulmate!

HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT: The song of the month is John Legend's "Made to LOVE!"
Listen to the magic of this music. Dance to it! Imagine yourself
dancing  with your soulmate! Close your eyes and envision the fun you
two will have together! Take it a step further and jot down in your
soulmate journal any insights that may come up. Have fun connecting to
the LOVE which oozes through this song!

Individual coaching sessions. Cost is $125.00 US dollars.
May be done in person, phone, or Skype. Sessions are 50 minutes.

Coaching packages are the following:

                Plan A - Three session package. This consists of
intake, plan of action, and followup.
Cost is $250.00 US dollars and may be done in person, phone, or Skype.

                Plan B - Eight session package. This is a super deal!
$500.00 US for eight sessions. Studies show that regular coaching
provides positive results! A great way to jump start the New Year!

Wishing you much LOVE!

Edie Blue