"Edie is a good listener, understandable and supportive. Her coaching style is unique that she offers her experience and provide a plan that will change your self esteem and self confidence, so when you meet your soulmate you will definitely be prepared!"

Kingdom of Bahrain

"Edie will guide you in a gentle, spiritual journey towards finding the life partner of your dreams.  She will help you define your own essence and what you are truly looking for in a soulmate.  She sets the stage for this miracle to happen in your life!"
 - Jackie Hawkinson

"I've gotten so much from Edie's workshops. These workshops are spirituality based and I've gained priceless wisdom and friendships from them! Edie is a wonderful workshop leader!"
- Melodie Pharms

"It was wonderful to receive coaching by Edie. I loved her endlessly creative use of words and calling on the 'Dearest Divine'. I felt really supported and cared for. The releasing techniques that she taught me were very helpful and I could feel the release happening immediately. I could deeply feel and experience that Edie is very talented, caring, and sincerely interested in my journey. She is a wonderful person to assist you on you loving journey."  
- Susan