Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Time To Do Your Homework!

Dearest Seekers of LOVE,

September is time for going back to school. Returning to new teachers, friends, and learning, young children are soaring with hope and optimism.

It is my belief that we can recapture that innocence of childhood and apply it towards our romantic goals and dreams. It is NEVER too late to learn the lessons of LOVE. For some, the lessons might have to start at a beginners level. For others, they might just need a slight tweaking. Either way, perfect results are guaranteed when we do our homework with diligence.

For those of you who have attended my workshops, I wonder how many of you are still practicing the I AM HOT, HOT, HOT assignment? Recently a participant expressed her frustration about not feeling very HOT when she said this affirmation. I love it when people share this sentiment because guess what, most of us don't feel very "HOT" when we express this statement. My intention for doing this exercise is threefold:

1. To connect with the joyful, playful side of who you are. Perhaps this side was abandoned many years ago. Your soulmate will love this side of you and your relationship will help to rekindle this fun loving part of your personality. I want you to love this part of you!

2. This exercise helps us to get out of our comfort zone. Have any of you sat in the back row of a class with hopes that you wouldn't be noticed? I want you to love the part of you that wants not be seen. Remind yourself frequently that you deserve to be seen, heard, and noticed.

3. By saying these words you will shake away any silly thoughts you might have of being undesirable. You are precious and very desirable. Actually quite ADORABLE!

Hope you can join me at my next workshop!

Date: October 18, 2011
Time: 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Place: 43 Highland Ave. #1
Cambridge, MA, 02139
Cost: $30.00 prepaid, $35.00 at door

Much love,

Edie Blue

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