Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Amazing Power of Soul Calls

Dearest Seekers of Love,

Without a doubt, the most amazing relationship you will ever have is
with your soul. By the way have you connected with yours lately? For
some, there may be a few attached cobwebs but trust that our souls
eagerly respond to a gentle cleansing. They look forward to working
with us and teach us that we are limitless beings.

The process of sending a soul call is a powerful method which I
learned from Kathryn Alice. Soul calls pave the way for the
manifestation of our intentions with grace and ease. They may be sent
for any intention (prosperity, career, travel, etc.) but for the sake
of clarity today we are focusing on love.

The reason that soul calls produce amazing results is that they allow
us to do the emotional and mental work necessary to connect with our
higher spiritual consciousness. This connection helps us to shift from
conflicting false mental states to states of blissful reality. A great
example of this was recently demonstrated to me by a young woman who
was very threatened by the external appearances of other young women.
Her belief was that she was not beautiful enough to attract love. Her
belief had been imprinted by family members and reinforced by false
media messages. Together we practiced sending forth a soul call which
focused on connecting with the qualities which would help her to
believe that she was lovable. We then sent out a soul call to attract
her soulmate. She is now engaged and whenever doubts arise, and they
do, she goes within and reconnects with her very beautiful inner

Another reason that soulcalls are effective is that they are so easy
to do! The first step is to stand with arms outstretched and then to
petition the Universe by saying, "Soulmate, come to me NOW! " Next,
close your eyes and visualize yourself in the arms of your soulmate.
You might want to interject a statement to your soulmate such as, "My
precious angel, where did you come from?"

Let this process be fun. Release any sense of strife and embrace this
process with ease. Know that you and your soulmate will live more
happily than you could possibly imagine!

I bless you in the manifestation of your intentions! May you bask in
the glory of successful completion!

Much love,

Edie Blue


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